African Toys, Games & Recycling

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The Monkey does not forget how to jump around. Kalenjin Kenya

Make your own toy in Black History Month. We have a large collection of African toys collected from all around Africa, The workshop highlights the problem of wastage and the benefits of recycling.

Our African toys and recycling workshop is for the child in all of us. Children all over the world will play whether or not they have access to toys. Many children in Africa tap into their creativity as they see the possibility of toys in day to day materials all around them.

In our African toys games and recycling workshop we encourage the sense of wonder and fun as we use recycled materials such as bottle tops and carrier bags to make our own toys.

Benefits of the Toys and Recycling Workshop:

Learning through play is a key part of early childhood education and development. Our African toy workshop encourages creativity and imagination as children act out situations as they role play.

Our recycling workshop encourages independent role play, as each child plays with their own toy while the actual making of the toys encourages sharing of ideas,  group work and problem solving.

The workshop spotlights the benefits of recycling and encourages our young participants to think about the environment and the impact we have on it. Climate change is affecting all of us in some way and it is important that young people realize what we each of us can do to care for our  environment.