African Textiles

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Haraka haraka haina baraka!

Hurry Hurry has no blessings (Swahili)

Take it easy and enjoy making your own hand made cloth. In our African textile workshop you can choose from two workshops:

  • Adinkra : We explore the symbols behind the patterns, we make our own printing block and we pattern our cloth using these symbols.
  • Tie & dye where we express the joy of colour by producing vibrant cloth using this method.

Both workshops are for all ages.

Both African textile workshop, bring people together as pattern and dyeing is shared and sometimes a communal fabric is made, with each person contributing their own pattern.

We have collected a vast array of fabrics over the years from all around Africa. For both our textile workshops we bring in our collection of fabrics from all around Africa: Adinkra, Kente, Masai blankets, Kanga, Kikoyi, Adire and more…

If you are looking at a specific country, tell us in advance and we will spend more time in the workshop looking at the textile of the country you are studying.


Both workshops are creative and relaxing and evoke a sense of wonder and satisfaction in creating a beautiful piece of fabric in a relatively short time.