Africa Experience has collaborated, facilitated and run workshops in many museums, libraries and schools all over the UK. Here are some of the comments from schools we have visited.

“What an incredible experience we had on Friday!!! I would highly recommend Africa Experience!! You guys are inspiring, knowledgeable and fun and made African Culture come alive. The children left buzzing after the drumming and dancing. Thank you so much!!! No doubt we will be asking you to return in the near future!! Please thank Oury for all his incredible work. You both do your job so well. I cannot speak more highly of you both!!!” ~ Collingwood School

“Everyone has been saying how lovely the day was and I had a meeting with some year 9 students today who said that they really enjoyed the day and hoped theat we could do this again in Saltley. Thank you for putting on such a fabulous day for us and we hope that you will be willing to come back to Saltley.” ~ Saltley School

“The boys thoroughly enjoy the workshops and ended up doing some fantastic performance work following it. Thank you all very much indeed.”~ Dartford Grammar

“The whole workshop was a really positive experience. It was great for the children to see and handle such a range of artefacts. We had a great time” ~ Coopers Lane Primary School

“Very hands on, interactive..children loved it” ~St. Michael’s Primary School

“Pitched at just the right level for the children. Teachers experienced enough to adapt lesson to children’s ability” ~ John Stainer Community Primary School

“Children all able to participate fully and it was none stop action. FANTASTIC!!!.Good link with children’s culture and countries of origin” ~ Turnham Primary School

“Got the children working well together, they enjoyed it and had fun too. The children learnt a great deal about recycling and enjoyed making the recycled toys.” ~ Grinling Gibbons Primary School

“We loved everything. Just more time to do it please” ~ Boxgrove Primary School

“Lots of background knowledge was fascinating, plus seeing various samples. Anna’s encouragement was so positive” ~ St. Winifred’s Infant School


5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. We have booked this workshop many times and have never been disappointed. The girls really enjoyed learning the rhythmic beats of the djembe drums and exploring a typical farming day through traditional African dance. Anna and Oury were full of knowledge and enthusiasm and it was a perfect start to our African Adventure!

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  2. All the children had an amazing day after your return visit to our school. Both the drumming and dance workshop had the children, and adults, actively participating and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Anna and Wourri have such a lovely way with the children.
    Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

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  3. Thank you so much Anna for making the day so special. Each class said they learned something different from the stories. Thank you for taking the time to differentiate the activities for the different groups, from PMLD to Autistic SLD to deaf/blind, all the groups were interacting and gaining greater understanding of the culture through storytelling. Thank you so much!

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  4. Year 6 had an absolutely fantastic time on Tuesday! Capoeira in the morning and dumming in the afternoon worked extremely well. As usual Anna, Manjerico and Oury were brilliant with the children and enabled them all to reach their full potential. A great self-esteem boost for all. Thank you!

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  5. What an incredible day we had with Africa Experience. The drumming, dancing, storytelling and mask making made for an enriching experience that our Year 4s thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you so much to Anna and her incredible, vivacious and knowledgeable team for an unforgettable day!
    Lucy Dragon School Oxford.

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