African Storytelling

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If you think you are too small to make a difference, then you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito

Our Black History Month Special! Most African History has been handed down orally!  We all have a story to tell.  If you live in the villages of Africa, oral story telling is encouraged and practised by everyone.  With voice, we are taught to express and persuade with confidence.  Skills we all need in particular to bring about change and influence our surroundings or  just have fun.

African oral story telling is one of the oldest art forms shared between people and communities.  It is a unique and powerful human skill.  Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world and teach us about life, ourselves and others.  Storytelling can be used to entertain, to console or to heal.

With our African storytelling workshop, tales  are told from all around Africa.  We use song, laughter, props and musical instruments to take you on a journey meeting characters that teach us or inform us through moral fables, folk tales and creation stories.  This is a good workshop for the encouragement of imaginative thought and creativity.  African storytelling workshops are for all ages.  We have worked with primary schools, secondary schools, museums, community groups, team building and teachers for inset days.

What can African storytelling do for you?

It allows participants to experience diverse cultures enabling them to empathize with unfamiliar people, places, situations and for those with African heritage it is a chance to get to explore your own cultural roots.

Through African storytelling we are able to delve into the traditions and wisdom of African culture and explore the differences and similarities with other cultures.  Storytelling is a unique way of developing an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and can promote a positive attitude to people from different lands, races and religions.

With our African storytelling workshop we hope to promote a feeling of community well being and relaxation.