African Jewellery


“A single bracelet does not jingle” Congo

Black History Monthe Special. We take you on a journey of African adornment looking at our collection of jewellery, trade beads, and beads from all around Africa.  Africa and its different peoples and cultures through the exploration of beads and jewellery from all over the continent.

From our collection, we look at some of the delights of African jewellery and how art and creativity are expressed with highlights of self adornment.  You get to handle the pieces in our collection looking at all the materials and mediums that area used to make exquisite pieces from across the continent.

The workshops are set up for various age groups.  Our bead making workshop inspires artistic creativity and suits male or female participants as there are many examples in Africa where men make and where their own beads.

Getting inspiration from our bead collection we then encourage you to make your own beads.  We provide all the materials.

Who can benefit from the African bead workshop?

Our bead workshop is brilliant for inset days and is great for group work, a wonderful way of looking at Africa as a topic.  Used in community groups, libraries and schools as it is a workshop that affirms those with African heritage and allows others the chance to gain knowledge.

Our African bead making workshop encourages creativity.  We also find that with the attention to detail the bead making encourages mindfulness and relaxation.