Swahili for Beginners

Swahili is spoken by over 100 million East Africans.

It is mainly spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia and the DRC.

Here are a few basic words in Swahili:

Jambo    Hi

Hujambo  Hello

Habari?  How are you?

Muzuri    I am fine

Karibu Welcome

Tafadhali  Please

Asante     Thank you

Asante sana  Thank you very much

Ndiyo     Yes

Apana     No

Kwaheri  Goodbye

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Five Reasons why oral storytelling should be encouraged in schools:

1.Oral storytelling encourages confidence as young people have to improvise as they tell there own version of a story

2. It can be used as a healing tool as children are encouraged to express or make sense of perhaps trauma, anxiety or fears they have

3. Storytelling is a powerful tool it can influence and change peoples opinions. By empowering young people at a young age to articulate their ideas clearly, you are equipping them to become effective influencers in whatever field they find themselves in later on in life

4. Storytelling builds community and is a fantastic tool for team building

5. Storytelling is fun and entertaining