African Dance

Oury, anna and Abram

If you can talk you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance. (Zimbabwe & Sudan)

Africa has shared this love of dance with the whole world.  African dance is the root of many dance forms from funk, jazz, afro cuban, salsa, hip hop and swing.

We want to convey this love of dance in our workshops by encouraging all participants, regardless of their level to gain confidence in body, rhythm and body control.

Through our African dance workshops we can impart knowledge of Africa, its geography, culture and its peoples.  For a physical and mental workout this is the workshop for you.

Many of the movements within African dance express people’s daily life activities.  From farming, harvesting, fishing or celebration we try to bring the fun and variety of African dance to you with choreography suited to different age groups.  We use live drumming to create an authentic and dynamic atmosphere.

Dancing with Abram

What can African dance do for you?

From promoting rhythm and body awareness, improving motor skills and increasing the release of endorphins in your body, to create joy and well-being, African dance relieves stress and increases physical fitness.

The experience of dancing as a group is said to be healing and great for team building as synchronized dancing fosters a great sense of bonding and connection.