We see Black History Month as a platform to celebrate the influence of African culture on the whole world. “Through participating in our workshops, I am also interested in helping people find something about themselves and their group or community” (Africa Experience founder, Anna)


Welcome to Africa Experience workshops in schools. It all  started in 2003 because we wanted to share with our own children something positive about Africa.  Being brought up in Africa, we all  want to share its passion and creativity.

The founder Anna born in Uganda, is a homeopath and storyteller and is interested in the holistic approach Africa offers to the world in terms of self-expression, confidence building, creativity, healing, team building and community cohesion.

Growing up as a girl in Africa, there was dance, laughter, song, vitality, and friendliness.  This is what we try to convey in our African workshops.

Africa may not hold all the answers, but she sings, dances, creates, laughs, and her self-expression is there to be seen despite all its challenges.  Africa Experience through its workshops in schools and communities wants to bring the joy and vitality of the people of Africa while educating and informing about all things African in a positive way.