National Storytelling Week January 26th-2nd February 2019

I am sitting in a second-hand bookshop surrounded by books wondering what I could say about the importance of the ancient art of African oral storytelling. With all these books around, why on earth is it important to tell stories orally? What is the point of the spoken word? Why encourage it in schools and communities? Why should we promote National Storytelling week ?

Storytelling A window to your Imagination:

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The Benefits of Storytelling are so many as the story-teller gains in Confidence.
You learn to express yourself with clarity while influencing your audience.
You find your own authentic voice as you hone your drama skills, narration skills and musical/ rhythmic skills while entertaining and improvising.
 Creativity increases as you use your imagination.
Storytelling enriches, connects community and promotes belonging and is such fun!
Many schools encourage debating clubs why aren’t there many storytelling clubs?
Maybe National Story telling week would be a good week to start!
Over the years I have had the great privilege of visiting many schools as a storyteller. What I have loved most as a storyteller is, every time I tell a story,  the story seems to transform itself to suit the children or the surroundings…its never the same and you cannot get that in a book!

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Africa Experience founder, Anna, was born in Uganda, is a homeopath and storyteller. She aims to spread a positive view of Africa through her interactive workshops.

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