Welcome to the Africa Experience way of showcasing Africa and its peoples.  Through Our fun and thought provoking workshops we hope to bring you an authentic view of African creativity.  Our workshops are great for Black History Month! Using our workshops we celebrate the African concept of “Ubuntu” where community encourages us to look beyond ourselves and in so doing live more enriched lives.

We have worked with many schools and organizations in the UK since 2003.  Our African workshops are used in team and confidence building.  Through our African drumming, dancing, capoeira, storytelling, textiles and jewellery workshops we are interested in creating a forum where what is good from Africa is experienced by people of all ages in the UK.  We break down stereotypes and celebrate Africa as it really is.

Everybody at Africa Experience has a passion for Africa.  Through our African workshops we try to portray Africa as is really is with all the challenges and difficulties but yet the spirit of resilience and the love of life that its people demonstrate.